What If…?

I felt the need for props.

Looking around, I spotted my  one of my guitars, which got me to thinking about the classic sexy blonde with guitar shot. While those photos are usually so blatant they’re boring, what really irks me is that it’s so obvious these women know nothing about guitars. And you guys don’t seem to care.

Remember Robert Palmer from the 80’s? Addicted to love? The guy whose music videos were full of beautiful women, each with the same look – slicked back hair, red lipstick, little black dress, high heels. And they played instruments – most notably, guitars. But they didn’t actually play. They just swayed back and forth and looked pretty.

So, I began to wonder – what if the women actually knew how to play? Would that have made the videos better or worse?

I don’t know, but I decided to give it a shot.